What Does Life Mean to You?

 A focus on the dynamic use of Individual Psychology in improving meaning in our lives



7.30 - 8.00  Exercise/Mindfulness Session
7.45 - 8.30am BREAKFAST 
8.45 - 9.15 am COMMUNITY MEETING and notices
9.15 - 10.15 am Morning Presentation
10.15 - 10.45am COFFEE BREAK
10.45 - 12.45 Module A
1.00 - 2.00 pm LUNCH
2.00 - 4.00 pm Pick and Mix B
4.00 - 4.30pm TEA BREAK
4.30 - 6.30pm Module C
6.45 - 7.30 pm SUPPER
8.00 - 9.00pm Evening Presentation/Activity
Watch this space for any updates!
One workshop may be chosen from each module and indicated with first and second choice on the downloaded booking form. Each workshop will be limited  to minimum 6 and maximum 10 in numbers to ensure each participant may be heard.
Below are listed the workshops that we propose to offer - more information may be added as it becomes available.
 chilli3  indicates the strength of Adlerian content in each workshop.
Module A (10.45-12.45) 

1. Working with Emotions and ER’s  chilli3chilli3chilli3   

facilitated by Ursula Oberst

 Emotional processes are strongly related to the individual’s private logic and Life Style. Thus, from an Adlerian point of view, our emotional abilities can only be improved by incorporating life style issues. This course gives an introduction to emotional processes and shows how they can be a powerful tool to access knowledge of tacit aspects of our life style. By using early recollections and other experiential techniques (e.g. role-playing), participants can improve their emotional knowledge and integrate it into their life style. 

Maximum 10


2. Creating New Meaning through Encouragement chilli3chilli3chilli3

facilitated by Mia Levitt Frank

"It seems that encouragement is one of the most essential factors in all corrective endeavors, since every deficiency is based on discouragement"- Dreikurs.

What motivates an individual to create movement? How do we realize our potential? How can we help clients work through limiting beliefs and create new or additional meaning in life? Who do we need to be in order to encourage others?

According to Individual Psychology, being encouraged, restoring faith in oneself is the key to better functioning. In this workshop we will be focusing on various aspects of encouragement: the meaning and scope of encouragement as a skill and a belief, various techniques for encouraging others (including the elicitation of the strength present in every behavioral pattern), self – encouragement for professionals (when, why and how?), incorporating encouragement with cognitive work, what it is we want to encourage in order to promote well - being and useful choices.  Therapists and counsellors are invited to take their encouragement skills to a new level.

Participants will experience both giving and receiving encouragement. Beware – you might feel empowered and encouraged in this workshop !!

Maximum 10

3.  Using The Client's Belief System In Counselling Individual Adults chilli3chilli3chilli3

facilitated by Frank Walton

The instructor will relate Adlerian principles to individual counselling with an adult.  The use of six questions as a guide to establishing important aspects of the client’s belief system will be demonstrated.  Opportunities will be available for participants to use the approach under supervision

Maximum 10


4.  Behind, Through and Beyond the Mask

facilitated by – Keith Lewis & Unity-Joy Dale

  Experiencing a live mask made directly onto one's face can be an enlightening process – often revealing the part of ourselves that we choose to hide. By decorating and embellishing our masks and processing in the group we will be able to embrace the person we truly are and celebrate our strengths and weaknesses.

Come ‘MASKQUERADE’ with us!


Maximum 8


 Module B  Pick and Mix  (2.00 - 4.00pm) 

You can drop into any of these workshops or take time out for Walking Meditation - Mindful Exercise - Energetic Exercise - Creative Space - walking, talking or sleeping. You will be able to book for the workshop of your choice each morning.

1. Adler's Cafe  chilli3chilli3chilli3  with Jill Reynolds

This offers the opportunity for all the community at Felden Lodge to get together to discuss the philosophy, theory and practice of Alfred Adler

2. Incorporating Mindfulness into the Five Tasks of Life with Bruce Greenhalgh


Mindfulness is everywhere you look these days and yet how to integrate it into your life is particularly challenging in the modern world. Using the Adlerian tasks of life as the frame (Work, Intimacy, Community, Self and Spirituality) this stream sets out to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life in practical and accessible ways.
4. Process Space with Keith Lewis and Pam Bridgman
This does what it says on the tin! A place to process what is happening for you as the week unfolds. A chance to explore anxieties or to develop ideas.
Module C (4.30 - 6.30 pm)  

1.  Sculpting relationships and family issues   chilli3chilli3chilli3

Facilitated by Ursula Oberst

 To enjoy family relationships is not always an easy task, and family issues can be a source of multiple conflicts. On the basis of the classical Adler-Dreikurs model and the systems perspective, the sculpting technique is used to achieve a deeper understanding of family processes. Problem situations presented by the participants will serve as examples for experiential learning by means of role-playing, sculpting, and enactment of the problem situation. 

Participants will consolidate their knowledge about the Adlerian-Dreikurs approach of dealing with difficult situations in the family and learn to use the sculpting technique in order to prevent conflicts in the family and to intervene efficiently when problems arise.

 Maximum 10


 2. Working with Metaphors  chilli3chilli3chilli3

Facilitated by Mia Levitt Frank

 "Metaphors are mirrors reflecting our inner images of self, life, and others" – Richard Kopp


The language we choose and use has the ability to design and create new meanings and opportunities for us. Metaphors reflect who we are, who we wish to be and who we can be. The richness of metaphors and imagery in language allows us to experience our reality holistically, as we creatively combine cognition, imagination, and all of our senses. With the help of metaphor and images, we connect to our creativity, and can better understand and indeed clarify our thoughts and emotions.


In this workshop we will experience various ways of working with metaphor with clients, and discover the power and magic of working with metaphors. We will learn to access resources through metaphors, understand subjective experience through metaphor work, and to create new possibilities for meaning, cognition and action with metaphor. In a safe and encouraging environment we will share and expand on our metaphors and the meaning we ascribe to them. Prepare to access your own creativity!


Maximum 10 


3. Family Counselling  chilli3chilli3chilli3

Facilitated by Frank Walton 

A systematic approach to Adlerian family counselling including use of the most memorable observation will be presented and demonstrated.  The primary means of teaching this course will be through live demonstrations.  Lecture, experiential activities, and group discussions will be included

Maximum 10


4.    Medicine for the Soul

Facilitated by Unity-Joy Dale

 Life today in the fast lane often means we lose track of the natural world that guided and taught our ancestors – leaving us feeling stressed and out of balance. In this workshop we shall be using the four main aspects of the Medicine Wheel to look at how we can rebalance the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental aspects of ourselves and using ancient rituals to guide us towards a more fully functioning way of being in the world.

We shall be working outside close to Mother Nature so please bring warm/waterproof clothing and a blanket or cushion to sit on. I look forward to seeing you there!

Maximim 8