Morning Presentations


 Morning Presentations

The mornings start with an opportunity to exercise in the open air with Yoga or Tai Chi or whatever participants want to experience together.
After breakfast a Community Meeting is held which we encourage all participants to attend, campers, young people and facilitators alike to experience the feeling of equality and social interest espoused by the Adlerian Summer Schools.
N.B. If you miss these you may also miss important messages!!
Morning Presentations are provided for the whole community by facilitators.
Sunday :  Mia Frank Levitt  -  "Social Interest - A research perspective". "
Monday: Frank Walton       -   " Family Counselling Demonstration"
The presenter will provide a brief overview of Adlerian theory and techniques as related to family counselling.  A live family counselling demonstration will be followed by group discussion.
Tuesday: Ursula Oberst   -  "Cyber-psychology and Social Media"

According to Adler, feeling connected with others is of utmost importance for the wellbeing of individuals, and inferiority feelings arise when people are discouraged and this need to belong is not satisfied. In our contemporary society, with Internet and Internet based applications for communication, social media and online social networking sites, Adler's vision of an ideal communal life where all people can be connected, seems to have come closer. However, online communication and the use of online social networks like Facebook and WhatsApp, can also lead to negative consequences, especially in younger and vulnerable individuals. This presentation analyses the use of Internet-based applications within an Adlerian framework. Participants will learn about Adlerian theory applied to contemporary issues of the web society. 

 Wednesday:  Jill Reynolds  Organ Inferiority & Its Psychical Compensation

In 1917 Dr Alfred Adler, then living in Vienna, submitted a paper to an American Journal called the “Nervous & Mental Disease Monograph Series No.24” entitled “The Study of Organ Inferiority & Its Psychical Compensation – a contribution to clinical medicine”.  When I read this journal I was struck by Adler’s amazingly creative thinking – seriously outside the box for his time.  He was beginning to question, through observation, reading and logic, the relationships between heredity (and I think even epigenetics – a term which would be alien to him), environment and the creative construction of lifestyle by the individual, and how this mix plays itself out in our bodies and how they function. This plenary will give the opportunity to explore the remarkable innovative idea of organ inferiority.


Thursday: Bruce Greenhalgh : Mindful Endings

Bruce will provide a mindful end to the week