Back to its roots, Adlerian Summer School is returning to this stunning, historic location, where we had our first summer school at Stowe School in 1997. We have exclusive offers and a warm invitation to book your place for July 2023.

Here are some of the highlights of this special event:

  • Exclusive use of a new accommodation block, Queen's House, with ensuite single occupancy and meeting rooms on each level;

  • Exclusive use of Stowe Park for Summer School's participants after 4 p.m.;

  • High-quality catering;

  • Sports facilities;

  • Bursaries available;

  • Early bird and ASIIP members' discount;

Get everything for a very special price of £590, and ASIIP members can enjoy an additional £20 discount when paying in full. Also, there are a limited number of bursaries available. Non-refundable deposit of £200.

Join our inclusive community of professionals, parents, and laypeople for a memorable week of professional and personal development.

For information and bookings, please get in touch with Christina via email at [email protected] or Jill via email at [email protected] 

Please arrive between 4.00pm and 6.30pm on Sunday 23rd July and depart after lunch Saturday 29th July.

The Summer School is based on the philosophy of Individual Psychology developed by Alfred Adler, which is remarkable for its combination of holistic thinking, common sense, optimism, and a true sense of community and is very topical for today’s world.

It will be of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about this approach or develop their existing skills. No prior knowledge is necessary. Full attendance offers up to 35 hours towards continuing professional development or personal development hours.

The varied workshops are mostly experiential; participants usually find that a therapeutic process unfolds and overlaps throughout the different workshops. Social interest and willingness to contribute are encouraged to generate a safe space that enables exploration and creativity. 

Modul A:

1. Adler and the Existentialists (Stephen Allsop)

2. When art and Adlerian therapy meet (Karen Alon)

3. Inside Out (Camilla Ghazala)

4. Family Constellations: Working with Diverse Populations (Dr. Sara Saeedl)

Modul B Pick and Mix:

  • Free time
  • Adler’s Café (Jill Reynolds)
  • Mindfulness (Bruce Greenhalgh)

Modul C:

1. Adlerian coaching for well-being (Stephen Allsop)

2. The Nature Wheel (Camilla Ghazala)

3. When art and Adlerian therapy meet (Karen Alon)

4. Metaphors: Working with Wings and Roots (Dr. Sara Saeedl)


Presenter for 1. Morning Plenaries and 2. Evening Presentations

Sunday: 2. Icebreaker


Stephen Allsop: 

1. Existential Givens and the Adlerian Life Tasks

2. Explore Stowe


1. Dr. Sara Saeedi: Woman, Life, Freedom: Dismantling Misogyny through Social Justice and Adlerian Practice

2. Auction (Organisers)


1. Karen Berman-Alon: Experiencing the Work of Early Memories with Therapy Cards

2. Don Smart Lecture: Janina Bell: The Courage to Be Ordinary


1. Camilla Ghazala

2. Dancing and Music


1. Bruce Greenhalgh: Mindfulness - Going Deeper

2. Theater (Organizers)

At Summer School, we provide a dedicated Process Space for individuals wanting a safe and confidential space to explore their triggers. Under the thoughtful guidance of experienced therapists, this space fosters personal growth, healing, and self-discovery, allowing you to embrace your journey with understanding and support. For details and bookings, please speak with Jill Reynolds.