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A reminder of the weeks workshops

Assistance for your Eventbrite tickets

Please Note!


    1. Click on to the EVENTBRITE TICKET ORDER button below
  1. On the first page you will see the Felden Lodge camping area and the 'Tickets' box.
  2. The first Ticket,  is Option ONE your deposit payment unless you are buying     a  Day - Delegate Lunch only option, or you want pay in full, in both cases, ignore the deposit option and go to Option EIGHT Day Delegate - Lunch only or to your own residential choice for the week.
  3. Then go to the Add-ons and click the       Free link to choose your                                 accommodation.                              (Ignore the word Free it's NOT, but you pay your balance later) 
  4. Next Step; Go to MODULE A again click  the Free link and make your choice of the listed workshops
  5.  Repeat for MODULE C
  6. If you have pressed all the right buttons you will see all your choices under Order summary.
  7.  Please don't checkout until you are happy with the Order summary
  8. When you are ready to pay your balance use the Eventbrite button again, via our website and when you go to the first page 'Tickets' use the option that reflects your Felden Lodge choice, i.e.

     the Single Room BALANCE  TICKET           you will see that against ‘option TWO’

  9.  Please ensure that your balance is                     paid by the 30th June.                      Thank you












Single Room £586.00

Shared Room £430.00

Camping Full Board £400.00

Camping Own Food £290.00

Thurso Block Shared Room £375

Day Delegate  Lunch & Dinner £320

Day Delegate  Lunch Only £180

£150 deposit on all the above except

Day Delegate  Lunch where the full price of £180 on booking, is required.


Questions regarding your accomodation at Felden Lodge, please contact: -

Christina      [email protected]


Jill                   [email protected]

A limited number of bursaries are available for those on a benefit or low income Please Contact Jill Reynolds on [email protected]