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Social Interest in a Changing World, 32nd Adlerian Summer School, 18th–24th of August 2024, Stowe School Buckingham, MK18 5EH

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An educator and counsellor specialising in Adlerian psychology lecturer at the local university and a faculty member of ICASSI for more than twenty years. Author of the course "There Must Be Another Way" based on Individual Psychology for parents, educators, and child carers.Local contributor to social media, TV, radio, and written media. My studies include a masters course read at BRUNEL UNIVERSITY OF LONDON. I have lectured in a good number of countries in Europe, the USA, Turkey, and China.


Module A: Smart strategies to deal with challenging behaviour in young people

Behaviour is a choice. Behaviour is a choice with a purpose. Behaviour is a message. Going through these concepts and understanding them will lead us to redirect negative behaviour.

Module C: The Misunderstood Importance of Early Years and Social Interest

The first 5 / 6 years of life carry significant importance as they are the basis for the formation of personality and development.

What is the crucial development during these years?

What can go amiss?


Camilla’s core values are encouragement, development, compassion, and fun! Camilla’s central approach is individual psychology, skillfully blended with CBT (waves 3 & 4), CFT, ACT, Shamanic Philosophy, IFS, IPT, expanded thinking, and creative and 3D methods, all beamed through a polyvagal-informed lens. NHS (since 2002, secondary & primary) in the Specialist Team (Long-Term Conditions) provides short-term development processing that enables grounded, safe growth that includes stability of emotional and psychological aspects of the self. Private practice (since 2000) provides a culture that enables the development and growth of internal relationships, relationships with others, the world, and beyond. Supervision from 2006. Process groups for GPs and medical professionals from 2020. As a personal growth catalyst & trainer (since 1983), Camilla has worked with a range of corporate, statutory, and charitable organisations, including lecturing on the BA/MA Integrative Counselling course and tutoring on the Adlerian Cert and Dip Cambridge. Dual-accredited: BACP & BABCP.


Module A: Navigating LIFE: the repetitive, the nurturing, the chaotic, the changes while maintaining our humour most of the time!

When part or more of us feel safe, connected, grounded, energised, and present, we have access to our wise mind, kind humour, and neurological flexibility, enabling us to navigate the range of experiences life presents. Adler teaches how we can learn (and therefore develop) more by observing how we manage life than by observing what we are managing. Using a blend of theoretical styles, we are reminding ourselves how we move ourselves in and out of feeling safe and considering how we may update patterns (private logic) that make our navigation of life trickier than it already is! This workshop includes a range of creative, somatic, cognitive, and fun exercises! (IP, Polyvagal, ACT, CFT, IPT).

Module C: Easing my path through inner knowledge and the Nature Wheel

Working outside (hopefully!) using a blend of IP & Shamanic philosophy, somatic exercises, and ancient practices, we are connecting to each season and direction (one each day) and identifying the essences, qualities, characteristics, and skills we have and that nature offers us. It is we who determine how these can be directed and used. When we can dip a toe (or more) into going with the flow, the complex path of life is eased a little.


Stephen retrained as a counsellor after a long career in IT, qualifying with a degree in Integrative Counselling in 2007. His experience as a trainer in IT was useful in his new career, and he began teaching on the Welsh Adlerian Certificate in 2011, eventually setting up a new Adlerian training organisation in 2022. Alongside that, he runs a GP surgery-based counselling organisation and works in private practice.

He is a musician, occasional comedian, and aspiring amateur actor. He lives in West Wales with a pair of mercenary rabbits. He is inordinately proud of the lifespan of his saucepans.


Module A: Change through an existential perspective

We will look through an existential lens at what change means to us, what challenges it presents, and how we can use the existential approach to facilitate lasting and effective change.

Module C: Fact or fiction—what really are my goals?

Exploring how we set goals for change and understanding where our fictional goals arise from.


Sonya is an Adlerian Psychotherapist and Supervisor with over 10 years’ experience working in Private Practice, in Mental Health Institutions and in Education. Working creatively with Art is her passion. She has a HDip in Art Therapy and used the combination of Adlerian Principles and Creative Therapeutic Art to design an experiential course, which she hopes to validate through a Doctorate.



Module A: An Adlerian Art Therapy, A Group Work Approach to support Mental Health

In this course therapists will learn to facilitate a group using Adlerian techniques, procedures, and prompts. This course allows participants the immersive experience of participating in an Adlerian Art Therapy Group and equipping them to develop the skills necessary to deliver it.

This is a fun and creative course, a great way to learn and interact with other learners.

Module C: Working with Early Recollection’s (ER)’s through Art

This course is for participants who look for an opportunity to explore early memories through art therapy. Within the framework of Adlerian theory and by means of directed art activities, participants can increase personal self-awareness and learn how to explore ER’s using theirs and others art.

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The Summer School is based on the philosophy of Individual Psychology developed by Alfred Adler, which is remarkable for its combination of holistic thinking, common sense, optimism, and a true sense of community and is very topical for today’s world.

It will be of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about this approach or develop their existing skills. No prior knowledge is necessary. Full attendance offers up to 35 hours towards continuing professional development or personal development hours.

The varied workshops are mostly experiential; participants usually find that a therapeutic process unfolds and overlaps throughout the different workshops. Social interest and willingness to contribute are encouraged to generate a safe space that enables exploration and creativity.

Module A:

1. Smart strategies to deal with challenging behaviour in young people (Joyce Callus)

2. An Adlerian Art Therapy, A Group Work Approach to support Mental Health (Sonya O'Keeffe)

3. Navigating change whilst maintaining humour (Camilla Ghazala)

4. Fact or fiction: What really are my goals? (Stephen Allsop)


Module B Pick and Mix:

  • Free time
  • Adler’s Café
  • Mindfulness (Bruce Greenhalgh)

Module C:

1. The Misunderstood Importance of Early Years and Social Interest (Joyce Callus)

2. Easing my path through inner knowledge (Camilla Ghazala)

3. Working with Early Recollection’s (ER)’s through Art (Sonya O'Keeffe)

4. Change through an existential perspective (Stephen Allsop)


Presenter for 1. Morning Plenaries and 2. Evening Presentations

Sunday: 2. Icebreaker


1. Life is how we see it (Joyce Callus)

2. Gender and sexual diversity (Tilly Stor)


1. Adlerian Art Therapy (Sonya O'Keeffe)

2. Auction (Organisers)


1. Your way, my way, or our way? The importance of cooperation (Nina Bell)

2. Don Smart Lecture (Stephen Allsop)


1. Bridging perspectives of the Medical and Social models (Camilla Ghazala)

2. Dancing and Music


1. Mindfulness (Bruce Greenhalgh)

2. Theatre (Organisers)

8.00 – 8.30 Breakfast

8.45 – 9.15 Community Meeting and notices

9.15 – 10.15 Morning plenary

10.15 – 10.45 Coffee break

10.45 – 12.45 MODULE A

1.00 – 1.30 Lunch

2.00 – 4.00 MODULE B

4.00 – 4.30 Tea break

4.30 – 6.30 MODULE C

7.00 – 7.30 Supper

8.00 – 9.00 Evening presentation

At Summer School, we provide a dedicated Process Space for individuals wanting a safe and confidential space to explore their triggers. Under the thoughtful guidance of experienced therapists, this space fosters personal growth, healing, and self-discovery, allowing you to embrace your journey with understanding and support. For details and bookings, please speak with Jill Reynolds.

Please arrive from 4:30pm onwards on Sunday 18th August.