Please see below, our price options and payment details

Booking Options

Changes have been made to our past Booking Form and, due to popular request, you will be able to book your preferred workshops in advance.

Details of cost for all of the following booking options will be included, along with your payment choices, when you action any of the BOOK NOW buttons

Payment Options Workshops Cancelled for 2020...see Our Virtual Summer School Programme; go to the Introduction tab

A deposit of £150 will secure you a place, (please send before end of April 2020 and your balance will be due before the end of June. Deposits are non-refundable.  Cancellation fees will be charged after June.

Various methods of payment can be made, please see options below. 

  1. PayPal.       Please add 2.5% to your total cost if you use PayPal. See Booking Form for details.
  2. BACS.          Our account details can be viewed on the Booking Form.
  3. Cheques.   When paying by cheque please indicate on the Booking Form and make your cheque payable to;  'Adlerian Summer Schools' and                               address to: - Keith Lewis, Adlerian Summer Schools, 42 Sierra Pines, Mountain Ash, Mid Glamorgan, CF45 3DS.
  4. Please note that whilst we accept international money transfers, a bank charge will be made by both paying and receiving banks; see Booking                       Form.
  5. Should you require any assistance to enable you to book with us for The Adlerian Summer Schools UK 2020, then please contact our committee                         member Jill Reynolds via her email address or phone. See bottom of this page.

Residential Main Building

Residential shared room en-suite:-(inc. 3 meals per day)  £430
Residential single,en-suite: -    (inc. 3 meals per day)          £586                                                                                             


Non-residential: - Two Streams (inc. lunch & supper)      £350
Non- residential: - One Stream (inc. lunch or supper)      £250*

* When Booking this option PLEASE indicate your choice on the             Booking Form


Adult Camping + Young People over age 12                                                                                                   (inc. 3 meals per day): -  £380
Adult Camping + Young People over age 12                                                                                                   (providing own food): -      £230

Young People (age 6- 12) Camping (inc. 3 meals per day): -                                                                                                                   £200   Y/P (age 6- 12) Camping (providing own food): -                  £125  Please Note all Campers have use of the facilities provided in the main building. 

Residential Thurso Centre

Adult Residential, shared Family Bedroom, two shower rooms, Male & Female. Full Board with 3 meals per day, in the main building with other delegates: -                             £370

Young People: -

YP over the age of 12 yrs: -             (meals as above)     £350
YP under the age of 12 yrs: -          (meals as above)     £200  

There is always a possibility of programme changes, and these will be noted if changes are needed. However, with concern, relating to the coronavirus; in the unlikely event of cancellation of the Summer School, we will ensure that all booking payments, including deposits, will be reimbursed in full.

Need More Information?

If you want to find out more before booking, please contact Jill Reynolds: 

A limited number of bursaries are available for those on a benefit or low income